Water Care


Developed in Europe with proven results as the most simple and effective means of hot tub water care. AquaFinesse™ is becoming the most preferred means of water purification.This proprietary formula is a salt based solution with trace amounts of tri-chlor, which not only sanitizes the water but also eliminates the need for test strips, pH adjustment and alkalinity balance. There is no offensive odor but rather a soft, pleasing lavendar scent. AquaFinesse™ works with your filter and ozone system to eliminate biofilm and bacteria. A simple and quick maintenance routine keeps your spa crystal clear. Once you've experienced AquaFinesse™, you will never go back to a harsh chemical routine.

Aqua Finesse

Product Features:

  • Extends the life of your spa up to 3 times longer than other chemicals.
  • Aqua Finessee Hot Tub CleanerReleases calcium and scale buildup from pipes and equipment
  • No pH +/-, clarifiers, defoaming agents, cleaners needed
  • Softens the spa water and leaves a light lavender scent
  • Each box lasts 2-5 months
  • Click Here for AquaFinesse™ Water Care Manual


Cleaning a Hot Tub with Chemicals


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