Proper Care & Maintenance

How do I change the spa's operation when I'm away for several weeks?

You can back your temperature down although maintaining your desired normal operating temperature is not a problem. When you return from vacation, simply resume your normal chemical routine. Do not add more chemicals to "catch up"! Make sure your cover is in place and locked to prevent unwanted guests in your absence.
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How do I winterize my spa?

We highly suggest you enjoy your spa during the winter months as this is claimed by many spa owners to be their favorite time for a warm soak. If you must shut the unit down for the season, refer to your owner's manual for the detailed section on winterizing your spa. You can download the manual from this site.
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Why is my spa water cloudy?

Check your filter for cleaning or replacement. Consider adding more time to the filter cycle and shocking the water with bromine or chlorine after heavy use. Consult your user's manual for specifics.
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Why is my spa water foamy?

Foam is normally caused by skin lotions and creams and cleaning agents from bathing suits. Purchase a de-foaming agent from your spa retailer which easily treats this.
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What are the white "paper-like" particles in my spa water?

The usual cause of white floating particles is known as bio-film. Bio-film grows in the pipes of your spa when it is not used often or filtered and cycled properly. Begin by replacing the filter cartridge, then add twice the amount of recommended shock. Turn on the pumps for about 30 minutes for circulation of the shock through all of the pipes. Clean the filter cartridge. Repeat as necessary until the water is cleared.
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How do I clean the spa cover?

The surface of the cover is a marine grade naughyde that is mold resistant. It is designed to withstand the outside elements and could be cleaned with an auto interior cleaner and moisturizer. To prevent the cover from fading, you may use a UV inhibitor. The brand we recommend is called "303 Aerospace Protectant."
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What is the puddle of water around the spa?

The water could be from condensation on the cover, or simply from users getting in and out of the spa. Mark a starting point of the spa water level and keep track of it for a day to see how much water you are losing. This will help you determine if you should have a leak. Always check your filter lid after changing the filter to assure that it is installed correctly. An improperly seated O-ring can often times cause this puddling.
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Why does my breaker keep tripping?

Have a qualified electrician inspect the connection of the breaker immediately.
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How can I test the GFCI?

GFCI breakers may appear different depending on manufacturer, but all have a test, reset button. Simply press the test button and the spa should shut off. To reset the breaker, press the breaker to the "off" position first, then back to the "on" position. If after the pressing of the test button the breaker did not turn the spa off, discontinue the use of the spa immediately and contact a qualified electrician. Testing of the GFCI is recommended prior to each use.
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Should I treat the natural cedar cabinetry with a sealer?

Depending upon the look that you want, there are different recommendations. Cedar is naturally rot resistant and resistant to moisture damage. It will naturally gray as it ages. If you do not like this appearance, apply a clear sealer or a sealer with a stain if a different tone is what you desire.
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