Shipping and Delivery Guidelines

Delivery applies to surface shipment within the U.S. 48 contiguous states only, excluding California. There may be additional charges applied to remote areas such as and including the Florida Keys, Nantucket, and Martha's Vineyard. If you request delivery to these areas you will be notified of any additional delivery charges that may apply.

Your hot tub will be delivered to your driveway by a professional delivery company. An air-ride vehicle with a lift gate is normally used for delivery to assure safe transit. Depending upon your location, it may take up to two weeks to reach your destination. You will be contacted prior to delivery and may want to have assistance available to move the spa to the desired location. Outlet Hot Tubs is not responsible for shipping. The price of shipping is included in the cost of the product. Liability of the unit is that of the shipping carrier once they accept the product from the factory. Outlet Hot Tubs will assist the customer in tracking the shipment.

The customer will be contacted by the shipping company prior to delivery. Driveway (curbside) delivery is included, should the customer request having the shipping company assist in the unloading or moving of the spa to the installation site, there is an additional cost involved. That cost can be determined by contacting the shipping company. Any damage that may have occurred during shipment is to be reported to the carrier upon delivery. A claim should be filed with the carrier. Outlet Hot Tubs is not responsible, although will assist in every possible way to resolve the claim. The spa has been packaged and wrapped to be protected during shipping and the spa should be un-wrapped immediately while the shipping company is present to document any unforeseen damage.

Consider any obstructions in route to the new spa area such as trees, gates, fences, overhead lines, gutters, utility meters, etc. You may want to consider uneven slopes to the area that will require more time and labor to get your spa in place. For inside installs, consider stairways and narrow halls.

Preparing for Delivery

Begin by confirming the dimensions of your spa model by accessing the web site’s specific model page. Note that the unit will be shipped on end, on a skid, with the cover banded to it. If you choose to move the unit to the site while still packaged, you will want to add additional inches the spa measurement. Also, if you plan to use a mover’s dolly to get the spa to the location, this will also add a few inches to the overall size. Make certain you have adequate clearance for the move.

  • Check that the path to the site is clear and is of adequate size to accommodate the unit. Walk the path and consider any obstacles that may make the move difficult.
  • Note any gates, utility meters, AC units, shrubs, trees, etc. that may be in the way for the move.
  • Check that there are no low eaves, gutters, overhead phone or electric lines, tree branches, etc. that are in the way to the site.
  • Consider any turns, narrow sidewalks or hallways that may be prohibitive to the move.
  • Stairs, steps, and anything other than a flat surface will make the move more difficult. Some installs require the use of a crane to get the spa in the exact location chosen, if it involves going over a fence or dealing with a considerable slope. It is not as alarming as you may think, the move generally takes less than a half hour.

Receiving the Delivery

Your spa will be delivered by a professional freight company to the general area of your driveway. You will be notified prior to delivery. Spas are big and bulky, you may want to have several helpers on site to assist you. Often times, a mover’s furniture dolly is used to transport the spa to the site. This is nothing more than a wood frame with caster wheels and can be rented for about $10 per day. The bigger the wheels, the easier the move. If the distance is short, several people may be able to carry the unit to the desired location.

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