Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficient Hot TubsPDC Spas has engineered a unique system that maximizes energy efficiency and minimizes heat loss  rivaling our foam-filled competitors. Unlike foam-filled units which hide manufacturing defects and make servicing expensive, the sophisticated engineering of our TemperLok™ system keeps the spa lightweight, economical to own and operate.

All hot tubs are protected from cold, damp, and outside elements with a multi-layer bottom construction.  A tough ABS plastic material covers the entire bottom and tightly wraps up the cabinet sides.  A layer of pressure-treated plywood is added for strength, while a layer of thick foam is sandwiched between the ABS and plywood for superior insulation. An inside reflective thermal barrier ensures outstanding thermal efficiency. PDC Spas TemperLOK™ insulation system provides maximum energy savings while maintaining a lightweight unit for easier installations. The use of a strong fiberglass, non-filled resin backing with an insulating foam coating provides maximum strength and efficiency.  Using this process, is more costly to manufacture, however, each and every PDC spa unit is made with quality and efficiency in mind.

With the TemperLOK™ design, simply remove any of the side panels, easily view the backside of the spa shell, complete maintenance and replace the panel. Quick, efficient, and economical. Your spa remains strong and insulated. Servicing the opposing foam-filled units can be a nightmare. If your spa leaks, finding the leak is a huge expense as service technicians are forced to dig through the foam to uncover the source. You're left with a spa that has no foam (you're without thermal retention and shell strength) and a big bill.

A thick thermal cover prevents heat from escaping. This is an important feature of energy conservation as most heat escapes from the water surface; compare this to steam escaping from a styrofoam cup of hot coffee.  Only the highest quality hot tub covers are offered standard. Consider the new AccuLok™ Hot Tub Cover with patent pending heat trapping design and water resistant barrier for added performance.

Energy Performance ChartTemperLok Heat Trapping Insulation System

TemperLok™ ingenuity was developed considering low monthly costs, service and installation for your long- term satisfaction.

Waste heat from pump operation warms the air cavity behind the cabinet and is radiated and absorbed back into the spa plumbing. Warmed air is trapped between our TemperBase™ insulated floor panel and cabinet top gasket creating efficient thermos air tight insulation.

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