Hot Tub Filtration SystemReliable and virtually self-maintaining, PowerFlo™ filtration most effectively utilizes power from the jet pump to clean and sanitize every drop of your spa water.

While others pull dirty water over open, visible filters on the pump suction side, through the pump and back into your spa, the PowerFlo™ design positions the filter on the push side of the pump to efficiently maximize pump power for cleaner water.

Used water and surface debris is captured through waterline and bottom safety suctions and sent to the pump, where the power of the jet pump forcefully pushes the dirty water through a deep pleated filter cartridge, capturing all dirt and contaminants. The filter is concealed within the spa shell, hidden from view so all you see is polished crystal clean water returned to your hot tub; no muss, no fuss.

All LifeStyle series hot tub models feature the Pristine™ filtration system. The Pristine™ filtration system uses the suction-side of the jet pump to pull water through the filter for a deep cleaning. The deep pleats in the filter cartridge capture debris, dirt and contaminants, returning water polished and clean for your enjoyment. Reliable and virtually self maintaining, Pristine™ filtration effectively and efficiently assures water is clean and sanitized for relaxation anytime you choose. 

Hot Tub Filtration

EverLite™ Ozone Indicator LightEverLite™ Ozone Indicator Light
The EverLite™ is a new feature of the EverPure™ Ozone system, standard on all hot tub models. You will always know that your spa is getting the most effective water  treatment through ozone sanitation with the help of the easy to see cabinet mounted EverLite™.

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