The manufacturing process is key to the construction and life of the hot tub. At PDC Spas, all hot tub designs are built with only the finest of raw materials. A labor intensive process of hand rolling the fiberglass assures a strong, thick spa shell wall. The strength of the spa assures you’ll enjoy your hot tub relaxation for many years. Thousands of PDC Spas owners continue to enjoy their hot tubs after nearly two decades of use, resting assured that PDC Spas confidently stands behind their 35 year warranty.

The PDC Spas TemperLok™ Insulation system is proven to save significant operation costs with this unique hot tub design. Maximizing water heat and minimizing service costs make owning a PDC Spa economical.

Maintaining clean, clear hot tub water is effortless and worry free.  With the PowerFlo™ Filtration design, hot tub water is forced through the filter by the powerful pump pressure. Clean, purified water re-enters the spa through the ozone jets. No worries, no concerns. Your PDC Spa hot tub virtually cleans itself. 

Hot Tub Performance

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